Chapter 4– Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka


I really love the phrase mall of bugs’, can’t remember which manga I’ve read it from though. You know, last night, my whole 70% of content was gone for this new chapter. I don’t remember deleting it or anything. I checked my desktop account, my WP app, editor’s account, and I could not see what I’ve wrote. I thought I would die of lack of sleep.

But you know what, after searching on the web for 2 whole hours. I found the solution and where it was. I felt so damn stupid cause it was in the revision area. Someone, just kill me. Please

Anyhow, Hurrah!! I’ve found it. And I thought I need to release this a few days late.


Putting this (or my stupidity) aside. Let me say this again, I’ll only post one chapter every week for this and it is FINAL,  I think. I might pick up another series (but it seems impossible for now).

Again, sorry for the not translated lines because my town sucked, without a Jap class and all and grammar mistakes, the editor is still learning. Enjoy.


Author: shinkai

I want a holiday!!! -`д´-

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