Get Stronger quickly in the Dragon Residence! Step 4

「You subjugated an evil dragon as a 14-year old villager…… and you are saying that it is natural to do so」


Kuhaha, the Dragon King laughed holding his stomach.


「Maybe that’s why I’m interested in you」


And, I continued.


「Subjugating an evil dragon at 14 years old? That’s just natural. If I’m not at least capable of that…… that person would be troubled」


「Kuha…… Kuhaha…… I see. You saying that you are a mere Hero’s…… guardian?」


「Ah yes, that’s why just quickly hand over the Protection of the Dragon King」


Fumu, and the Dragon King grabbed my head with his hand.

If he had put a bit strength in it, my skull would surely rupture.


「Towards a Dragon King…… you demanded the protection? Aren’t you a bit too carried away? You…… mere human」


I kept silence for a while.

And I directed my gaze fearlessly towards the Dragon King.


「The most efficient way is from the Dragon tribe. However…… the Majin tribe…… or at worst the Devils, I would also sell my soul to them…… I have that choice」


The Dragon King showed a shocked expression.

「Toward the Devils…… was it? But if you chose that method…… You would probably not be allowed to reincarnate, and continuously suffer the hardships in hell…… (tl: the concept of Saṃsāra)」


「Of course, if possible, I would like to say no thank you to that. That’s why I’m here bowing my head down to you」


Kukuku, the Dragon King once again laughed gleefully.


「Are you saying that you are showing respect with that unrestrained way of speech?」

「But……. You do…… like these kinds of atmospheres right?」


Yes, he nodded his head and smiled.



「Yes, I like it…… I really like people like you」
(tl: just fyi the raws are「ああ、お好きだねえ……君みたいなのは大好物だ」; it just sounded too wrong)




I offered my right hand toward the Dragon King.

The Dragon King too reached out his hand with a face full of smiles.


When both of us shook hands– something hot flowed into my heart.




「This is…… the Protection of the Dragon King?」




「Yes, yes it is?」


「It means that……?」


「Yes, that’s right– the growth correction for your level up……your minus factors are largely eliminated as an Occupational Aptitude: villager」


「That is……. I finally could…… level up without any worries? Or I can hunt monsters without rejecting experience points from monsters?」


「Deliberately…… Do you need my explanation?」


「As a precaution…… please do」


The Dragon King took a while to think and started explaining.


「You do know about the concept of experience points and level right?」


「To use another’s life energy– using those to enhance oneself’s physical power and mana…… right?」


Yes, the Dragon King nodded his head and said.


「Before that, what is…… an Occupational Aptitude?」


「In short, it is a blessing from the goddess」


「It’s as you’ve said…… then……concretely what is it?」


「The rate of your growth will be…… all of them, different. Take for an example…… when a Hero levels up, their attack power will increase by 20 while…… 3 for a villager…… in that sense.」


In actuality, the difference in number is not correct, well, the idea of it is not wrong.


「And there is the appearance of the Protection of the Dragon King. Your growth rate as a villager…… will be corrected to a dragoon…… Even though it cannot be compared to the Hero’s, it is a growth rate more similar to that of a high level occupation like Sage or a Holy Knight」


Yes, I nodded my head.


「That is why I got through hardships all while staying at Level 1…… Besides training MP, all I did was fundamental muscle training and polishing up skills」


「Of course that would be the case」


And the Dragon King looked down at his watch.


「Such an expensive watch?」


「It’s not the full clothing of the place called Kabukichō?」


A watch from Omega……

It shockingly doesn’t suit the background of a fantasy world, making me laugh bitterly.


「It’s almost time. Anything else?」


「Aaa, my problems currently are only those」


「Then, what will you do after this?」




I continued after giving a smile.


「For now…… it’s about time I worked hard to level up」



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23 thoughts on “Get Stronger quickly in the Dragon Residence! Step 4”

      1. Dragoon used to be a cavalry member in the British Army or something but then it somehow came to mean a pole arm wielding dragon rider in games. It’s more like a dragonman in a sense so I feel it fits the context more.


      2. Just to be sure but the raw use 龍人 right? In that case I think translating it as dragonewt would be better. Dragoon is more synonymous with cavalryman while dragonewt is more like humanoid dragon


        1. But then, he is accepted as a 龍人. If not mistaken, I think this was mentioned in prologue, which I blatantly ignore the phrase and put ‘dragon’. The phrase was ‘かつて龍族に迎えられた人間は’. Others were accepted into the dragon tribe.
          Rather than being accepted as a humanoid dragon who looks like a dragon more than a human, I find cavalrymen more appropriate in here. Well, he IS physically a human.
          If it will make more sense to you, I don’t mind changing it. Just shoot.


          1. I haven’t read the story past the translation but is he able to transform to dragon or use their power? Because dragoon isn’t generally depicted capable to do so. There’s also this龍人. Well, its your translation after all so its up to you which term you feel better. I’m just offering my two cents


    1. No, it’s okay. I’m also a reader myself. I get it.
      But still, no. I translate very slow, like snail pace. And, i enjoy my free time. All free time is reservesed for watching anime. Sorry.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would first like to get this straight, I’m not angry when I wrote this even if it may sound so. I apologize for that.
      Okay imagine this.

      A scenario where a man is in his a room alone.
      *Banging sound and what not.
      Man: “Wha-Who’s there?!”
      Robber: “……”
      Man: “Maybe it was just my imagination.” Resuming typing his computer or whatever.

      With this, I bring would like to bring your attention to another scenario.
      Act 10- The kiss scene after the hero saves the heroine. Let’s name him Romeo and Juliet for simplicity.
      ” Juliet……” (Romeo)
      “Oh, Romeo” (Juliet)

      As seen as the above example, it is annoying to see random person’s name popping out somewhere. Especially with this kind of scenario:
      Lion: Rawr—!!!
      Man: Help!!!
      It’s like there is only two characters there (or one human) and it still needs narration.

      Last but not least.
      A scenario where there is a mysterious person barging into a conversation among a group of teens.
      Kid A: ” –And so, I did this and that towards the teacher(which is not important here). The look on his face was so damn funny. You should’ve seen it.
      Teacher mentioned: ” Oh really? Would you enlighten me with the details.”
      A cold menacing aura came from behind him.
      When he turned his head back not expecting the said person was there. He saw the teacher looking towards him.

      Well, I think it’s only my personal preferences that I don’t like names behind dialogues. To me, it’s annoying and destroying tense/heavy atmosphere/air. If there are more people who would like to read this with names behind dialogues, I would gladly do so. For now, I won’t. Thanks for commenting, really appreciate it.


      1. well, i prefer for not put a name behind dialogues. but if you finds some long dialogues (not long sentences) maybe you can put name behind dialogues for reader who confused~?


    1. Well, I expect myself posting every week and Fui-san doing so too.
      Please forgive me and Fui-san slowness. It’s been tough for him especially these few months.


      1. oh okay and sorry. i can see you waiting for Fui-san too.
        you know, reading some good novel and catch up with recent release from a translator and waiting without some update schedule from TL-san makes me worry something happen on TL-san or the story. sorry, i just grumbling something nonsense.

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