Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 3

Translator: Shinkai

Editor: non-existent = unedited!

(EN: Nope, here I come. – Laycast)


I have leveled up quite a bit.



An increase of 150 for attack power…… only using the skills I’ve gotten earlier on it is about 400. It’s not really a dramatic improvement with this.

Actually, it just makes Physical Strengthening and Kimonhou seriously strong skills……

A skill that can make a Level 1 villager trample goblins like small fries…… Thinking about it again. Really, ridiculous skills.





Well, to make the status up feels like I had gotten stronger, I still have to level up more.




Anyways, I am sincerely glad that my HP has risen.

It made the risk of instakill on one blow lower.





Tentatively, my boss master and former Knight’s Order Commander (villager),  Bernard-san is at about Level 50.

On a side note, 50 is a level for an ordinary veteran adventurer.

I think that to achieve being a commander with that status is a bit weird. No, in actuality, it is really bizarre.




Even before going into details, continuing to defeat weak opponents will make a person gain fewer experience points, therefore, causing him to level up slower than other people and be caught up or even progress further in terms of level.


However…… For revenge, he continuously hunted orcs.

And he continuously hunted only for orcs.

Rather, after putting all his energy into hunting orcs, that person did not hunt any strong monsters.

Actually, no matter how much his level is, he has the growth rate of a villager…… That’s why he must’ve given up on leveling up at some point.


It is better to learn prohibited skills like Physical Strengthening or Kimonhou than to chase high ranked monsters that even the encounter has a hard time dealing with.



So, I think that choosing that path is correct.

In the first place, a person’s strength is not really relevant for hunting orcs. They are just monsters the look like pigs same standard as goblins…… To eradicate them, you only need to have the advantage in numbers.

In his case, when he became the commander, he didn’t need to hone his individual power to hunt orcs.


When he realised it, his level rose to about Level 50.




However…… it is different for my case.

There are lots of ways to become stronger but still, I really want to level up as much as possible.



And, this place is a place not for residential accommodation, but the underground labyrinth in the Dragon Residence.

The more you go in deeper, the stronger the monsters are. So, this is the best place to gain experience points.

Honestly speaking, I think that the humans who were raised in the Dragon Residence became heroes after they come out is because of this place.

In here, to permit one to go out means that he is allowed to become independent.



That will mean, the ritual to become a fine dragon is cleared.





Currently, Lilith and I are in a passage with a long, long staircase.

Not only were the floor and the ceiling made out of soil, even the walls were made out of the same boring soil.

After walking for quite some time in the long passage, finally, there is a curve that signals the end of the passage.

Just looking at the corner of the wall, I saw a bronze statue that is situated in front of the gate to the next floor.




— An armed golem



Its stature is just about 2 metres tall.

Armed with an armor and a sword, its whole body is made out of metal.

My physical strength, as the numbers in the status plate suggest, cannot be an opponent to this metallic golem in front of me.

Therefore, it is impossible to break through using a frontal attack.



In the first place, my only weapon is a blunt knife.

What I’m wearing now is also still the clothes I wore when I was brought in here by the red dragon occhan…… maybe it was better to borrow Cordelia’s sword.

No wait……. the sword was already in a bad shape. Well, that’s not important.



So, this here is same as the minotaur, a gatekeeper and also a middle boss.

Yes, another gatekeeper after a gatekeeper…… another middle boss after one.



Well, there is also a proper reason for this…… I should explain this reason to Lilith after we break through this place.


It should be soon that she will start to suspect that I am a bit too well versed in this dungeon.

Well, it will be a review of how great the skill of wisdom is.

To speak in gaming aspect, it will be a situation where I’ve already read the guide to capture this dungeon.


Well, I walked straight from the corner and put down a rucksack on the ground.

I took out a shovel and started intensely digging the ground.


「……What are you doing?」(Lilith)


「I’m digging a hole」(Lute)


「……I can see that. So, what are you doing?」


「That’s why I’ve said, digging a hole」


「……So, why?」


「Of course it is to make me stronger」


Lilith laughed dryly.




「……日本語でおk」 (Lute) (TN: too lazy to read but here is the link, I think it’s something like; you should speak in japanese; therefore implying that she should speak in a language that he can get)




A phrase I finally said the first time in real life.

Well of course. Certainly, my explanation was too short.

Well, even if I do say…… it is not in my plan to capture this labyrinth at this stage.



Furthermore, I got cut on my forehead by the minotaur at the beginning of this dungeon, so, I’m also in a hurry here.

Flatly speaking, I cannot afford to take care of Lilith.

I should honestly reflect upon this.



I called Lilith with a wave of my hand.

Prompting her to only show her face at the corner.



「It is not possible to continue onward because that golem is there」(Lute)



「……I see. Certainly, it looks strong. It seems that you cannot be its oppenent」(Lilith) (?)


「Yes, as you’ve just said. So, this is the corner right?」




「From there, this corner is not visible right?」(Lute)




Lilith made a blank expression and nodded her head.

I also nodded my head and said.



「So, in this position, there is a hole right?」(Lute) (tl:「だったら、この位置のここに穴がいるよな?」I’m not getting this)



Lilith made a face with full smiles and said.





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  1. Thx for the Chappy ~!

    Emmm… I google translate the raw and read it’s gibberish words…
    So, I get it more or less but the manga is till here too and I read it till the Catfish…and after that too.
    It hurts to read the gibberishness but it’s worth it. It satisfies my curiosity. Thx for the raw.
    I dunno how you guys can translate that gibberishness. I respect you translators now.

    Godspeed Shinkai-san~!

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  2. Your editing wasn’t too bad. I’ve read a lot worse. Only people it’d bother is L.A. nazi’s and people who can’t formulate on their own what you’re translation is trying to describe or say.

    As someone who’s able to formulate such a thing and supporter of this light series I’d be interested to see if editing is as simple as translating the raws and then getting this exact copy out of it and further editing from this or if it’s just as hard on the editor as it is on the translator in that respect.


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