Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 4

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「Well, you should help me」



Lilith exhaustively handed over the shovel.

With a dubious expression, Lilith consented reluctantly.


「…… A hole?」


「Yes, about a 1 metre radius…… One with a 3 metre depth would be good. For now, let’s take turns digging.」


Lilith shook her head.


「……A lot of time has been wasted on the battle with the minotaur. And to dig a hole now is…… too late」


「Ah, now that I think about it, Lilith is only permitted to be in this place until noon tomorrow?」


「……This dungeon is huge. If you continue on…… you can’t make it to the lowest floor within half a day」


「No, why do we need to…… reach the lowest floor within half a day?」




Both of us tilted our heads.

It seems like our words were not interlocking.


「However, I am only permitted to stay until noon of tomorrow」


「Yes, I heard it, so?」


Or maybe…… I swallowed my breath.


「You…… If you reached the lowest floor, at that moment, you will be accepted right?」




「Then, it will be different if you are in the village but, do you think they will…… bother to come into this dungeon to chase you out?」


「…… I don’t think there will be anyone doing that」


「So…… do you need to be so particular about tomorrow noon?」


「Even so, I had made a promise with the Dragon King that I’ll pack up and leave by noon tomorrow」


Just how diligent are you!

I unintentionally let out a bitter laugh.


「At least, don’t worry about not going out of here despite overtime until you got out from this dungeon . Actually, don’t even worry about that」


「……No, however」


Fuu…… I sighed deeply.


I really cannot let her go outside alone. Moreover so if she will be made back into a sex slave.


I understood that the parenting of her parents were good, however, it will be hard to survive alone with this kind of personality.

Innocent people cannot make companions.(A river too clean is unsuitable for fishes to live in. saying:水清ければ魚棲まず/original: 綺麗すぎる川には魚が住みつかない。)

Diligence is moral however it is also a bad habit…… Being a little cunning with deceits is also important for survival.


If she stays the same and go out into the wilderness– she will be exploited to the bone, I can imagine her going to the rubbish bin immediately(?).


「…… But, what’s the hole for?」


「This is a pitfall trap」


「Pitfall trap?」


「Yes, a pitfall trap」


「……I am appalled. Are you really trying to go pass that armed golem with such a traditional way?」


「Yes, I’m planning to breakthrough here. First, I will be the bait and catch its attention. The, lure the golem here. This position is it’s blind spot.」


So, I took out  a iron wire from my rucksack.


「…… Wire?」


「Yes, you know, this trap is…… double layered? As it stumbled on the bent area(the wire), it will fall in to this hole. So, it’s body is made out of metal and is heavy…… it will surely be difficult to get out of the pitfall. I spread a layer of oil onto the surface of this hole」


「……But, at this rate, it will be still not be defeated. Even it could gain some time for you, you didn’t even solve the problem of the way to give damage to it’s metallic body…… You cannot defeat it with by this way. You also cannot gain experience with this. You will be unable to reach your goal of getting stronger」


Haha, I laughed and said.


「Yes, this should not be able to defeat it. But, it’s okay. I didn’t even think of wanting to defeat it with my own hands」




And I whispered my whole plan to Lilith.




After listening the whole story, she said 「…… I see」open-eyed and nodded.







–15 hours later.


After 5 hours of preparing for the plan, we took our meals and took turns sleeping.

Despite the exhaustion, the small nap really helped.


「So, let’s go」


I went to check the wire trap.

Yosh, it’s okay.


I checked the pitfall trap.

Yosh, it’s okay.


Lilith and I looked at each other and nodded our heads at the same time.



I took a position of a crouch start.



「…… Start」


Just as we’d discussed, I accelerated at my top speed.

With that high momentum, I dashed parallel the curved corner.







I ran towards the armed golem with a shout and ran at full speed.



–(sound of danger button lighted or more like when robots are suddenly started up and their eyes lighted up) ヴィンsfx.

The eyes of the armed golem shone a red coloured light.


Our distance is about 10 metres…… Seems like when going into this distance, energy-saving mode will be change into intercepting mode.



The golem once again, ran towards me.

As we came face to face, I immediately made a 180º turn.



Once again I accelerate. A sudden acceleration

I want back with the path I passed as I came from, and ran back to the curved corner.


At the same time, I took a big leap.

The way leading towards the wire trap and the 1 metre diameter pitfall.


As I jumped over the hole, I heard a falling sound from behind me.



「Bingo! After all, it is still a metallic doll without intelligence…… this will be natural」



As I saw from my side glance that the golem in the hole was frantically flapping(?) it’s arms trying to get up, Lilith and I left the scene of crime with light steps.


The destination was the door to the lower floor which was just now guarded by the golem.


「……Is it really okay to just leave it? Your goal is to gain experience points…… Then, that  is a chance to obtain it…… There should be quite a few ways to let an attack work」


「That is why, had I not just explained it to you?」


「……Skill: Wisdom. It’s still hard to believe that this exist but…… it is a skill to read most of the books in this world in the head」


「So…… If what I know is correct, the next floor is a bonus stage」


While following, Lilith’s expression was one in doubt.


「……Still…… However you say it, it is just too unbelievable. For this underground dungeon to have such structure……」


We’ve arrived at the door towards next floor.



I, without replying to Lilith, opened the door.

And, the scenery was just as I had expected.




A room about as big as Tokyo Dome, a malignity of goblins.




Starting from a cry of a lone goblin, just like the sound in a beehive, they made a fuss.

Yes, the scenery that we are now looking at is– as much as we could see, goblins.


「From here onwards is the continuation of the labyrinth. And this place is…… a goblin breeding ground. These goblins are kept as the lowest of the food chain. Goblins are small fries within small fries…… With a wild dog as an opponent, they would surely be kill 1 vs 1, a total insignificant stone by the roadside a mere small fry…… an imp.」


「…… Un」


「And this, is a forest. That’s why there were 2 middle bosses at the front. It’s to prevent the goblins being preyed easily by monsters, bears, wolves, etc…….」




「Furthermore, to young dragons, goblins are an existence that isn’t even worth their time. A mere goblin will not amount to any experience points for them because of their difference in level」


「…… But, it will be different to you」



「Yes, my current level is of a wannabe adventurer……. So, the scenery now is the best for a debuting adventurer– the number of goblins as much as my eyes can register…… about more than 1000?」




–Activate Skill: Physical Strengthening.


–Activate Skill: Body Strengthening Technique.


–Activate Skill: Kimonhou.





「–Saa, it’s the starting of a bonus stage!」







Name                  : Lute Macklen

Race                    :Human

Occupation        :Villager

Age                      :12 years old

Condition           :Normal

Level                   :12 → 38

HP                        :650/650 → 1820/1820

MP                       :13400/13400 → 14512/14512

Attack Power      :185 → 390

Defense Power   :170 → 385

Magic                   :2350 → 2625

Evasion               :225 → 480


Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10  (MAX) 】

【Body Strengthening Technique: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Kimonhou: Level 5 → 6】


Defensive Skill

【Indestructible Stomach: Level 2】

【Mental Resistance: Level 2】

【Indomitable: Level 10 (MAX)】


Daily Skill:

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15 (Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift)】

【Sword Technique: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 7 → 8】



Magic Skill

【Mana Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】




【Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Commoner’s Healing Hand: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3 (Growth Limit)】

【Devil Child: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Goblin Slayer: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 2 → 3】

【Cow/Bovini(?) Killer: Level 2】



・When using Body Strengthening Technique

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 150 Correction


・When using Kimonhou

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 300 Correction

(tl: idk what happened here, it was 250 in the chapter the one before last and it stays at 300 in the chapter after this; really, what a catastrophy; the skill leveled up; I am an idiot)


・When using Physical Strengthening

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion × 2 Correction




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