Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 6

Finally, we will soon be going into the middle layer area of this labyrinth.


It is an area of both this floor that I’m currently at and the floor below.


And both of these floor combined, the area in between is called middle layer area.


On a side note, the floor that I’m at now is made entirely made out of wood.


And, monsters that had appeared were all undead.


Furthermore, as expected of a middle floor, the rank of the undeads are high.


Undeads like liches and ワイスキング(TN: I cannot find this; wise king???), and even

vampires…… the kings of the dark is on parade.


With the mana from the dragons, it is said that high ranking undeads were summoned

on a regular basis from the realm of the undead……


Well, putting that aside, it is really appropriate to be calling this dungeon a labyrinth(TN:

as in literal maze).


The area(surface area?) is 500 metres x 500 metres wide.


The passage for every wooden space is about one and a half metres and it’ll branch off

somewhere and continue. If you walk blindly, you are sure to get lost.


And here, with starvation as a bonus (due to lack of food), this combo is very hard to



There is no place for water, no food besides the rotten meat of the undeads, it is

unbearable.(TN: to what? eat their meat?)


Well, in my case, if I went and battled an undead…… as my status suggests, it will be very

tough to fight one.


If there are a few of them, even the dragon tribe cannot let their guard down on these

high level monsters. Well, that is something that cannot be done.


That huge area and countless of roaming undead…… in actuality, this maze prides on

being as hard as a punishment game level, a lot of young dragons lives were ended here.


「So…… This is the entrance towards the next floor」


Lilith said with a dubious expression.


「……Clearing time is 20 minutes. The number of encounters with enemies is 5…… which

included me escaping 3 times」


「I had made preparations for this. There are rules in creating mazes, even if I didn’t

remember the map for it…… it is possible to clear this place」


As I said that, I pointed towards the geometric art carved onto the wall.


Well, this is a type of cryptanalysis.


If you’d noticed the rule of replacing the symbols with strings (文字列)…… You could

conclude that the correct route is pointed by an arrow.


It means that not only is one’s strength being tested, but intelligence is too.


「……At the floor before, we could only run away from the giant catfish. And before that,

we ran away from the golem………… I don’t think that…… you can beat the guardian of the

deepest floor」


「Aa, of course」


Lilith continued her words with a dissatisfied expression.


「…… Then…… you should earn some experience points on this floor……」


「Not just ‘some’」




I smiled towards Lilith with her head tilted and said.


「The numbers of high ranked undead monsters on this floor is about hundreds right?」


「……Perhaps it is about that much. Or maybe more than that」


「—Now, I will deliciously take down everything」


「……You want to…… plan on staying here for a few months? Water is limited and food

too, is scarce. I know it’s bad to say but…… I don’t think you can continuously win against

the monsters here until they are all gone」


Aa, this kid…… still as diligent as ever.


No, well, it’s not like I dislike it or anything.


「I don’t plan to stay here for a few months. I will settle it in one go」


「One go…… how long will it take?」


I raised one finger and said.


「One day…… no, half a day」


Eyes wide open.


Lilith shrugged her shoulders appalled.


「……It is impossible」


「No, I must do it」


I looked at Lilith with a serious look.


And she somehow gets that I was about to say something serious.


「……How are you planning to do it?」


She nodded her head and held her breath for my answer.


「So…… we will aim for the next floor」


Almost falling, Lilith shuddered in anger.


「…….I really hate jokes that are not funny. Even though we were talking about the

monsters on this floor, why are you thinking about the next floor?」


What I said was not a joke, I was really serious.


「I think, just maybe, you too hate jokes that are not funny right?」


「……Your right. I don’t really get jokes」


Yes, I knew.


Well, she does gives of that sort of vibe…… you can say that she is very unsociable, or is

less expressive, or better, very much like a robot…….


That’s really wasteful for a beauty.


Well, noisy ones just like Cordelia are also included.


「……So…… if we were talking about hunting the monsters on this floor…… why mention

the next floor……? I absolutely…… don’t understand」


「If you see what’s going to happen soon, you will surely get it. Let’s quickly…… obliterate

the guys on this floor」(EN: I still don’t get why the author uses such weird pauses in the



I pulled Lilith’s hand.




— We started going down the spiral staircase leading to the next floor.



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