Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 8

「So, let’s go back up?」


「……Up? Why so?」


Yes, I nodded my head in confirmation.


「The road onwards is to the floor below this one, to the deepest part of this dungeon– the guardian」


「………… So then…… what about it?」


「What do you think is the guardian?」


「……A Dragon Zombie. A dead dragon…… is slaughtered and sent towards the 黄泉の世界 by a young dragon. To pass the baton to the next generation…… this is that kind of sacred ritual」

(EN: 黄泉の世界 literally translates to hell, but I think calling it afterworld or heaven sounds a bit better)


「Yes, it is just what you have said. Then…… the weapon that I only have is this knife. Even though it is already dead…… do you think I can hunt the dragon? The preserved state that it is in is almost as good as that of when it was alive right?」


Lilith shook her head in denial (EN: It seems like she’s saying that he’s wrong, but I’m pretty sure she shaking her head saying that puny knife isn’t going to do anything)


「…… I do think that Lute has become stronger, even so, it is not possible for you to penetrate through its scales」


「That’s why, we will first return back. Just like the giant catfish and the armed golem…… there’s still a few left」


「…… Sometimes you want to go up, while sometimes you want to go down…… really, so busy?」(EN: Rewrote this to be a bit more comprehensive)

Lilith looked at above her and said, appalled.


I replied to her question with a nod.


「The foundation of this dungeon is mostly made out of orichalcum. So…… The orichalcum stairs and pathways are the places where the foundations and core parts are linked together. It is made like that in the first place.」


「…… Orichalcum. I understand the general idea. It is a strong metal」


「The existence of the dwarves’ minions, homunculi plays an important role to build impossible buildings…… like this dungeon」


「…… Well, even though,  the construction of this facility should not have taken more than 100 years. Thanks to someone who recklessly burn this place down……」


Ignoring Lilith’s piercing gaze, I pointed my finger upwards.


「So then, let’s head upwards okay? For now, let’s reach the first floor」


And so, I reached the room with the defeated minotaur.

I took the gigantic axe beside the unconscious minotaur.


A 2-metre strong ax made of a special type of metal.



The weight is about 100 or 200 kilograms……

I could lift it at Level 1 but, the strength to swing with this ax in a real fight is impossible.


But, I’m now Level 99.

Moreover, though my occupation is a villager, thanks to the Protection of the Dragon King, the growth rate is corrected to that of the level of a sage, at least high ranked occupations cannot look down upon me.


I used my strength.

As I swing the axe, there’s a fine cutting sfx (ヒュッ).


— Yes, it’s no different from swinging a stick.


I activate the skills Sword Technique and Taijutsu.

With various experiences, I handle the axe skilfully.

(EN: Sword skill for an axe… I think he just broke so many rpg rules there)


Of course, there should be a skill like battle axe arts or anything that could bring out the full potential in axes, but just to tackle this emergency…… well, this is passible.


I swing the axe like a whirlwind with one hand.


With this…… isn’t it possible to do that?

Now that I think about it, it was only that day I luckily came out of the room with the minotaur.



–The 15 year old Cordelia cut a big rock like butter with a sword in the past.


And, I walked towards the big rocks around the cave.


A big rock with a diameter of about 5 metres

I swing with tremendous speed at the uneven surface of the rock


This is amazing…… more than cutting butter with a butter knife…… less resistance


And, in just a few minutes, a 3 metres diameter stone-made sphere is presented in front of me.


The surroundings are filled with stone pieces.

Rather than being hit furiously, it looks like it had been shaved.


I said to Lilith while she was still in shock.


「…… At first, when I held the axe…… I had used some body strengthening skills but, it was only possible to complete a few swings」



This will be enough.


「Now, let’s go」


Lilith responded with a question after I’d said that.


「……Where to?」


「Let’s have revenge on the armed golem for now」



Name                  : Lute Macklen

Race                    :Human

Occupation        :Villager

Age                      :12 years old

Condition           :Normal

Level                   :99

HP                        :4321/4321

MP                       :17850/17850

Attack Power      :1020

Defense Power   :985

Magic                   :3400

Evasion               :1150


Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10  (MAX) 】

【Body Strengthening Technique: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Kimonhou: Level 6】


Defensive Skill

【Indestructible Stomach: Level 2】

【Mental Resistance: Level 2】

【Indomitable: Level 10 (MAX)】


Daily Skill:

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15 (Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift)】

【Sword Technique: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 8】



Magic Skill

【Mana Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】




【Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Commoner’s Healing Hand: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3 (Growth Limit)】

【Devil Child: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Goblin Slayer: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 3】

【Cow Killer: Level 2】



・When using Body Strengthening Technique

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 150 Correction


・When using Kimonhou

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 300 Correction


・When using Physical Strengthening

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion × 2 Correction


・The Axe of Minotaur  Rarity: B+

Atk pow + 500

Evasion - 200


15 thoughts on “Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 8”

  1. “(EN: Sword skill for an axe… I think he just broke so many rpg rules there)”

    This is done in “Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru” as well.


  2. It’s gonna be a bloodbath when he meets the hero, as he has a girl next to him now, also his “friend” that killed him will die painfully hopefully. Plus I heard this isn’t a harem, if so I’ll feel bad for this dragon girl, as she’ll most likely end up in the sister position


  3. You hold a sword with you hands and swing, you hold an ax with your hands and swing. The usage is different, but some of the principles are the same such as using your back instead of your arms, and not over extending your shoulders.


    1. In chapter 19(the next chp), it is said that the max limit of the level is unknown. However, the highest level that a person had reached(a hero that had return from the demon realm) had a level over 500.


  4. This is the best I could do with that line so that it makes sense. I might be wrong though.


    So… The orichalcum stairs and pathways are the places where the foundations and core parts are linked together.

    Note: the foundations meant here are like those used for buildings.


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