Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 9

AN: Although it is the skill that appears this time, when describing the previous status, there is a thing that the lute has become mastered by mistake.

Please acknowledge it because it is a skill to remember this time.


TN: I was lazy to translate the AN, it was a direct translate credits to Google!

More lines that I’m not sure of the meaning. I think I need to train more.


We continued on the stairways heading downwards.


There’s still the armed golem that was stuck in the middle of that hole.

How should I put it…… I might have put too much oil.


A mud hell in the oil-spread hole.

To that gigantic…… moreover that heavy metal-made body, it was surely cruel.


Yes, let’s put you in peace now.




I swang down the axe at its exposed head.


By the looks of it, it was a critical hit to its head.

Its bronze body fell down.


Yes…… it is possible with this axe and my current strength.


 サクッ、サクっ、サクっ。(TN: just sfx for slicing quickly)
First slash, second slash, third slash, fourth slash, fifth slash, sixth slash.

Just as I have finished slicing the catfish, I make the golem stop moving. [TN:ナマスに刻んだところでゴーレムは動きを停止させた。Not sure about this line]


「…… Continuously attacking an enemy heartlessly that could not move…… you are really relentless」


Yes, I gave a nod and said.


「Because I didn’t try to be lenient」


At that moment I checked my status plate.



「Finally…… Level 100」


As my words suggest, I have finally reached Level 100.


In this world, a ‘maximum’ level does not exist.

No, to be specific, I could not confirm the max level in any one of the literatures that I’ve read.

Genuine or not, the level strongest hero in the history that had come back from the devildom was over 500.


In actuality, well, if you have reached Level 100, normally you more or less, have given up being human.


Generally, you will be at a level of a Rank B adventure when your level is over 100.

And at the point that they are already halfway not being human, they are called– walking tactical weapons.

That is probably exaggerated; but, to people who are at Rank A and Rank S adventurers, them being walking tactical weapons are real.

In fact, when you are at the level of an Rank A adventurer, they can overturn the situation alone to a certain level in a battlefield.


Well, let’s just put an ending to this story for now.


What I was really trying to say is that, being Level 100 is really quite a feat.


And, the most important point is that one can use the Occupational Privilege Skill when one reaches this level.

For example, the cheat skill of a Sage that could activate 2 or more magic: Multiple Chant.

This skill is really a cheat as he can create magic like a flame tornado by combining two different magic of fire and wind.


Incidentally, there is a textbook for adventurers-in-training in the guild that collects every Occupational Level 100 Privilege Skill.

To a fresh newbie, it is something out of reach.

Looking at those skills that only people who has reached Level 100, it gives them dreams and hope for their future.

Well, even though there might be only one out of thousands of people that worked hard could reach that level……


Well, I am a villager.


In the first place, it is questionable for the existence of a villager to reach Level 100 but, it seems that there was one person who achieved that.

It was through this person that the skill name for a villager that reaches Level 100 was also stated in the textbook of the guild.


–It is already to the point that it, the skill itself, is a joke.


「The Wrath of the Villager, a trash skill despite requiring Level 100 that a villager can only learn. Anger is manifested through the magic circuit on the fist. Effect: In exchange of all MP, MP and Mana Dependent attacks are increased (Damage: Large)」 [TN: 効果:MPの全て引き換えにして、MP及魔力依存の攻撃を加える; not sure what the highlighted means; give a better name pls](EN: could just be “magical attacks”)


On a side note, the large damage of MP skill, Mana Attack, that is taught in the Magic Academy has the same effect.


To put it in layman’s term, it is a skill that takes up half of the user’s MP to create a heavy blow. (EN: Still talking about Mana Attack, not Wrath of Villager)

It is mostly used when a battle has just started, or as the last stand when the person is in a very bad situation.


On top of that, honestly, the power…… is strong…… but it’s only to that degree.

その時点で使える最上位魔法に毛が生えた程度の威力しか無い場合がほとんど。(EN: When I looked up the blue characters… I kind of gave a quick laugh)


Considering that it is a skill that takes up half of the user’s MP, the user-friendliness is so bad that I want to get a refund it is a rarely used skill.


Furthermore, the Occupational Privilege Skill for a Level 100 villager is more impractical than that skill.

It’s because the only difference is that it takes up all MP despite having the same effect.


–Perfect to call it a trash skill.


–Well, what will happen…… if a person with MP of more than 20 thousand uses that skill. That is really interesting.


In that regard, I’m currently at the underground waterways.


— I am posing a 仁王立ち at the lake of the giant catfish-chan that will be the lab rat.

[TN: 仁王立ち example, equivalent to the idiom draw oneself to one’s full height]



Name                  : Lute Macklen

Race                    :Human

Occupation        :Villager

Age                      :12 years old

Condition           :Normal

Level                   :99→100

HP                        :4321/4321→4352/4352

MP                       :17850/17850→17890/17890

Attack Power      :1020→1031

Defense Power   :985→998

Magic                   :3400→3408

Evasion               :1150→1162


Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10  (MAX) 】

【Body Strengthening Technique: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Kimonhou: Level 6】


Defensive Skill

【Indestructible Stomach: Level 2】

【Mental Resistance: Level 2】

【Indomitable: Level 10 (MAX)】


Daily Skill:

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15 (Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift)】

【Sword Technique: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 8】



Magic Skill

【Mana Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】



Occupational Skill

【The Wrath of the Villager (Converting all MP into MP and Mana Dependent Damage:

(Large) )】




【Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Commoner’s Healing Hand: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3 (Growth Limit)】

【Devil Child: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Goblin Slayer: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Exorcist: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 3】

【Cow Killer: Level 2】



・When using Body Strengthening Technique

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 150 Correction


・When using Kimonhou

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 300 Correction


・When using Physical Strengthening

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion × 2 Correction


・The Axe of Minotaur  Rarity: B+

Atk pow + 500

Evasion - 200


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  1. shoulnd’t there be in villager wrath – converting MP into HP (?) cause converting MP into MP is like maing butter out of butter xD


      1. Toguro was a class C demon if I remember correctly, and was class B- (maybe) at best, when he released all of his demonic strength. MC is already in class B. So… it’ll prolly be as strong as if not stronger than an all out attack from Toguro.


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