Get Stronger quickly in the Underground Dungeon! Step 7

We finally reached the end of the spiral staircase.

At the same time, gushes of hot air enveloped our body.



There was a vast underground area.

The room was an open space with an estimate of about 500 metres in radius and was about 200 metres tall.



There is no wall dividing the space, everything in the area could be seen from the spiral staircase.




— The ground is filled, as much as my eyes could see, with vermilion hue.




「……This place is?」


「Something like a magma chamber/region. Walk through the black ground…… and you can reach the next floor」


Lilith nodded her head.


「I can see that」


「Well, it is said that there are dangerous creatures in the magma. They don’t have intelligence…… it’s a dragon but not a dragon. (龍では無く竜; I kennot. both 龍 and 竜 has the same meaning. The only difference is that one is a newer word, the other is an older one, and one is categorized under the Character commonly used while the other is not) It is said to have lots of fire dragons here.」


Lilith nodded and held her breath.


「……Even though your/our(???) total power is almost of a dragon(龍), but only looking at the power……」

(EN: I think he was describing the “not” dragons. So “Even though their power is almost the same as a dragon, they are not.)


「Yes, only a dragon(竜) can match with another dragon(龍). Well, if a dragon(龍) faces an opponent with high basic power one on one, it will surely defeat them without intelligence or knowledge…… However, if there is more than one opponent……」


「……That’s why they are dangerous creatures」


I nodded my head in agreement with Lilith’s words.


「That’s the reason why……」


I said while facing up to look at the ceiling.

And Lilith, lead by me, stopped in her tracks.


「……What’s wrong? Why did you stop?」


「You’re asking why? The undeads above, and the fire dragons here…… I will defeat them in one go」






「前提としてな……」(TN: What’s this; there’s too many)




「This spiral staircase is made out of orichalcum. It is very– veeeeeeeerrrry, sturdy」




「The undeads in the floor above? Or even the fire dragons on this floor? Yes, it will be very bothersome to fight them one by one」


「……So, what are you going to do? Even though I’ve just asked this just now」


I nodded my head at that question.


「Set fire」


「……Set… fire?」



I pointed towards the ceiling.

No, to be specific, the wall on the spiral staircase that we had just gone through.



And, I will activate the magic Ignition with Life Magic.



It is headed to the wall– Yes, the wooden wall.




Barrage, barrage, continuously barraging.

It’s Life Magic, so the power is very small. It’s something that is useless in actual combat.


However, it’s not difficult to light up wood– so, I barrage, barrage and continuously barraging.






Barrage further.

Barrage, barrage, continuously barraging.



The black spot on the wall gradually increases in size.

And finally, it ignited.



I had been doing it for more than 1 hour.

And so,  the spiral staircase that we had gone through is covered in flames.


「Undeads are weak to fire right?」




「And…… fire is a trouble. Just once…… a fire is started, the burning will spread everywhere. Of course, most of the ceilings should fall」


「……Maybe so」


「The undeads will all die in the fire. And, if lucky, the fire dragons in the magma dies…… something like killing two birds with one stone」




「–So, it is an area attack on…… both…… the upper and lower floor?」


「That’s right」


Lilith openly frown.


「But….. this place, the underground dungeon, is the holy sanctuary of the dragon tribe…… the place to trial…… the becoming of adult dragons for the young ones」



Yes, that is true.

That’s why people who choose to use these means are not normal.

At least in the world of dragons, it has a meaning towards capturing this place open and aboveboard.



If it’s a normal dungeon, there will be countermeasures against fires, or even coping with attacks from other floors.



However, this place is not a normal dungeon.



That is why, countermeasures for those are not needed.

Just like the minotaur in the front, the restriction for not letting people pass is all for the dragon’s ritual.

Young dragons who challenged this dungeon without any power would escape once they found out that they are not fit to challenge this place.

Well, we can’t have it swinging down its axe while chasing the dragons

That’s why there is a wind rune left there for escaping from the room.


So, in that sense, to capture this dungeon, there are loopholes in the system.

However, even if they noticed it, the dragons would still not exploit them.



That is why, me– not a dragon, can do that as much as I like.



「……Using this, this way…… impossible, no…… it shouldn’t exist. Furthermore, the repairing fees for both of these floors are probably……astronomical figures ……」


「–It’s not like I’m a dragon. I don’t want to know anything about that.」



No, it really is something

From my point of view, this dungeon is only worth the experience points and nothing else.



It might be that this place is a sacred place, but to me, it is nothing like that.



In reality, I am not sure if this reckless action will anger the Dragon King, but I’ll leave it till the problem arise.

In that meaning, what I’m doing now is…… treading on a tightrope.




「Actually, isn’t a place like the Dragon King’s castle worth a lot? In the first place, dragons have a habit of collecting treasure…… something as repairing this place for them is like breaking wind」



「……I’m appalled」




As if she was really appalled from her heart, Lilith sent a cold gaze towards me.



「Well, of course you’ll be appalled…… I am somewhat conscious of it」


As I said that, Lilith start laughing.


「Kukuk…… Kukkukku…… Hahaha……」 (TN: the startup of a new villain?)


「What’s the matter, suddenly?」


Lilith softly wiped a stray tear from her eye.

Probably thinking that it was hilarious, she started hugging her stomach.


「Hahah…… No, it is really appalling– Un/Yes…… I see」


And she calmed her breathing and said.


「…… Flexible thinking is also…… needed. It’s impossible to feel bored looking at you」




From there onwards.

I continuously used wind from Life magic to– blow oxygen needed for burning towards the upper level.




Furthermore, I continuously used fire magic at the same time for 12 hours.




At the Orichalcum-made spiral staircase.

We, protected by the iron wall, looked at the out of this world scenery.





Most of the floor above crumbled away, the whole floor dedicated to fall downwards is just like– an illustration of hell.











Name                  : Lute Macklen

Race                    :Human

Occupation        :Villager

Age                      :12 years old

Condition           :Normal

Level                   :45 → 99

HP                        :2150/2150 → 4321/4321

MP                       :15730/15730 → 17850/17850

Attack Power      :470 → 1020

Defense Power   :465 → 985

Magic                   :2705 → 3400

Evasion               :580 → 1150


Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10  (MAX) 】

【Body Strengthening Technique: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Kimonhou: Level 6】


Defensive Skill

【Indestructible Stomach: Level 2】

【Mental Resistance: Level 2】

【Indomitable: Level 10 (MAX)】


Daily Skill:

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15 (Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift)】

【Sword Technique: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 8】



Magic Skill

【Mana Manipulation: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7 (Growth Limit)】




【Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Commoner’s Healing Hand: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3 (Growth Limit)】

【Devil Child: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Goblin Slayer: Level 10 (MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 3】

【Cow/Bovini(?) Killer: Level 2】



・When using Body Strengthening Technique

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 150 Correction


・When using Kimonhou

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion + 300 Correction


・When using Physical Strengthening

Atk pow・Def pow・Evasion × 2 Correction

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  1. It would probably be easier to call those dumb “fire dragons” lesser dragons, Drakes, or something like that. Point is, they are an inferior species lacking the intelligence of dragons, but having a fairly tough body similar to a dragon.

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  2. 前提としてな : Under what premise?
    If you ever have trouble understanding a character, I recommend google translate and jisho. They’ll break them down and give the individual meanings that could be used.


  3. So I know this is kind of random, just found this novel. What happened to the sage guy from the prologue? Is this an alternate timeline? Grammar on some of the older chapters was pretty bad so I kinda had a hard time following.


    1. He’s irrelevant as of now. I think after he changed the timeline he might see him later on in a fight but that’s about all I can think of, or since the mc just trained all the time, he never meets the sage in his childhood.


      1. MC might have avoided him due to now knowing his true nature. Still, they are from the same village so they probably do know each other. It’s also possible that that sage hates the MC for saving Cordellia (is that her name?? I’ve forgotten…) from the goblins and potentially stealing his spotlight.


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