Get Stronger quickly in the Dragon Residence! Step 2

A crimson carpet was spread onto the marble flooring.



The colourful drawings on the wall, the chandeliers on the ceiling, it looks expensive enough to make my eyes pop out the moment I lay my eyes upon it.

In a room big enough for a banquet for a few hundreds of people, the occhan and I prostrated.



A few metres in front of me sat the Dragon King.

When I went in, I took a glance at the man on the throne.

Even if you said that he was the Dragon King…… He is a dude who looks young in his first half of his 20-year old life.


No…… He is not just young.


「You can raise your head. If you are so rigid towards formalities, I also feel tense here.」


A tone mysteriously light.

When I raised my head, as expected, an incredibly hot guy was there. (tl: or ikemen if you like, for those fangirls out there.)


Black suit with a purple collared shirt.

Hair arranged asymmetrically of silver and gold-…… and even his hairstyle is long.


「Those clothes are……?」


「I’ve read your memories that are not obstructed by the mana barrier…… You  should’ve…… gotten my clothing sense?」


His hair kept spiky with gel just like a Super Sa〇yan. (tl: notrelevant)

Eyes jade green and vermilion red on the right and left respectively.

The scent of rose perfume.

You can say that he is a visual-kei, you can also say that it feels like he came out of a game…… honestly speaking…… just like a host.


「……Tokyo, Shinjuku district…… the sense from Kabukichō…… Well, I think it suits you」


In actuality, he is an unbelievably hot guy.

It will hurt if a futsumen or a busamen (tl: normal-looking guys and ugly men) wore this, but if it was this guy in front of me……even though I hate to admit, it is a fact that it really suits him.


Yes, the Dragon King nodded his head happily.


「It’s just…… this fashion is something that will only exist in this world in the far future. Of course, the greatness of this……. There is only a few that will understand the beauty of it」


「That would be the case. Then…… Where did you get this?」


「Wandering  apparition…… just like you who reached this world as a soul…… It could be said that these are wandering objects」




「Occasionally, some will float to me. By luck, I had also picked these up. They are 5 whole suit cases for long trips」


「It may be from a group of host co-workers on a trip」


Nodding nicely, the Dragon King prompted me to stand up.

Just a side note, the occhan (red dragon in humanoid form) is still bowed down.


「Then, may I take a look at your status plate?」


When he’d received the status plate, even the great Dragon King was shocked.

As evidence, there were some wrinkles between his brows.


「MP over ten thousand…… I see. I have lived for thousands of years but…… its been long since I’d seen this kind of numbers……Besides reincarnators, it is impossible for a human child to have this sort of numbers」


「Do you know the way?」


「In the past, I had a friend…… as a human, he tried the same way as you. Well, his occupation was not of a villager but…… Besides that, Level 1……. you have aimed for this no? Probably…… for the Protection of the Dragon King」


「Correct. That…… and also the most effective way is to get the Protection of the Dragon King」


The Dragon King shrugged his shoulders as if he had no choice.


「The skill to read rare books including the prohibited ones…… Really, such a convenient skill」


「Yes. In my first life in this world, I had wasted most of my time gathering knowledge with this skill」


「Moreover, you remembered most of your memories…… the second time of your life you gave up your skills」 (tl: I don’t need to explain this again do I?)


「And, my aim is not just the Protection of the Dragon King」


As if telling me not to say until the end, the Dragon King stopped me with his palm.


「The Great Library isn’t it? Yes, I know…… I’ll give you the permission to read every book there」


As if on cue, the occhan exclaimed while in a prostrated position.


「Dragon King-sama!? This person is under my jurisdiction…… If this boy causes a problem in the Library…… I cannot bear the burden……」


「Aah, that」


With a smile, the Dragon King continued.


「The guarantor for his well-being will be…… taken from you, the red dragon tribe…… to me」


The occhan let out a lament close to a shocked voice.

And the Dragon King continued his words.


「With this bracelet…… I give him the same authority as a dragon…… Apart from that, I officially welcome him as a young dragon」


The occhan raised his head up.

And his mouth was open agape, his expression turned blue.


The occhan’s overreaction made me to ask.


「What does that mean?」


The occhan, shouted as if to cover for his shaken voice.


「This is an unprecedented special treatment! It’s not just to permit…… but to accept you as one of the dragons…… Dragon King-sama is saying that!」


I see.

Not just an honorary white, but being treated as a white…… Maa, somewhat like that. (名誉白人: when apartheid was popular in South Africa, Japan, was one of the trading partners; Japanese was considered as whites)


「–By the way」


The Dragon King said with a menacing voice.


「I never said that you could lift your head up right? Do you want to die because of  lèse–majesté Or are you a dragon strong enough to talk to me face to face?」


As the Dragon King said with a wide smile, occhan dogeza-ed in speed of Mach.



…… I see.

I was tricked by the heavy atmosphere to a light one.


Apparently this dude still has the dignity of a king…… or he is just feeling annoyed.


If I were the one in that situation, the moment I am being yelled at, I might become dust.

Well, I will not stop my unrestrained speech.


「Then, it seems like I’m having the special treatment…… why is that?」


「The first is that your status…… even if it is not balanced…… you are higher in MP compared to me. I will have to show you my sincerity.」


「Is that so?」


「Yes, it is. That is what it means to pay tribute to the strong. For example, if our social positions were similar…… Well, it’s something like that」


Take an exam in a school for example…… The top scorer of the grade, towards the guy who scored the highest for Maths and did poorly for all the others…… It feels like his skill for Maths is accepted?

Well, it is not weird to think so.



「I’ve been wondering?」


「What’s the matter?」


「–Currently, this is your 2nd life in this world right?」


Why is this guy speaking the obvious.


「…… Well, it is, so?」




「Yes, yes it is. And that is also one of the reason for my special treatment. Your existence…… this world’s destiny……has shifted its course towards the destruction of the world, have you noticed?」

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13 thoughts on “Get Stronger quickly in the Dragon Residence! Step 2”

  1. Really, this author loves to use complicated phrases….keep it up. ^_^;;;

    近接職 -> neighboring position/ similar position
    It’s a reference to a game term. So you wont find this in most dictionaries.
    So this means: Even if they had neighboring positions, or similar status (socially), he’d still have to show him respect.
    例え、僕が近接職だったとしても……まあ、そういうものだ」 -> “For example, even if our social positions were similar….well, it’s something like that.”
    Hope this helps a little. ^_^;; This author loves random stuff, huh.


    1. Thanks! So true that author loves weird terms. But I saw some other novel too has lots of these. Sometimes, I wonder how do they do it continuously like putting up a few chapter per day despite these terms appearing here and there.


      1. You’re welcome. ^_^
        Their author spirit level is MAX I guess. xD I’d also find it hard…especially on the readers though? I’m thinking even a few people who are japanese didn’t get it either…^_^;;; From what I saw, it’s a term from a Square Enix game…it’s not like everyone played it to get the meaning…


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